Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Healthy food, junk food

A CLIL lesson to learn about healthy food and junk food.
I invented the story thinking of the famous caterpillar :-)


Monday, 30 July 2012

From the olives to the olive oil

iTEC again, with another fifth grade, this time.
The aim of the video is to explain our ETwinning partners how olive oil  is produced. We collected the olives from the olive trees of the school garden, then we carried them to the oil mill and in the end we had a tasty snack with bread and our olive oil. Mmmmmmmmmmm, delicious!

A webquest helped us to know more about olive oil production. We worked in groups with a laptop for each group. We used cooperative learning this time as well.

Creating a digital detective - story

The IWB can be also a sort of work bench to create digital stories.
During the iTEC pre-pilot, last year, we decided to prepare a video to present our school to our Etwinning partners in Wales. We did not want to make a video - presentation as our partners did, so we thought of a story, acted by the class, which took place in our school, with children moving along the different places which had to be shown.
A detective - story was created and children, working in groups, wrote the dialogues, acted and took the pics.

This is the video we made using Movie Maker:

Not easy to record children speaking English: you can easily  hear children having problems with English pronunciation, but it was a useful  experience to practise writing and speaking and also shy children partecipated and wanted to speak. Cooperative learning worked a lot to have children working together supporting each other.

Playing with Google Earth

iTEC materials made with class 5C:

- webquest for our partners in Castellamare di Stabia:

- website of the project made by the children:
-Presentation of our virtual trip to London: a cool way to use Google Earth with children :-)

Children had lots of fun working at the project :-)